Rudolf Zaras Free Piano and Opera           Sheet Music By        Rudolf Zaras      Sheet Music       Volume of   33 Piano Works                                                     PIANO   Ever since the death of the last great Romantic  Sergei Rachmaninoff in 1943, and the trickling away of the lesser contemporary composers like Bartok,  Stravinsky, Prokofieff, and Copland, the music world  has not produced any more great names to resume  the roster. Wanna-be’s about in every genre of serious  music. Some stand out as genuine composers and  purists of traditional music periods, while others  indulge in a modernistic perversion and hodge-podge  of cacophonous abominations.     Rudolf Zaras is a true Romantic in every sense of  the word. In today’s world, what are the possibilities of  another Scriabin or another Rachmoninoff, although  certainly not another Beethoven, Chopin, or Liszt, but  perhaps a Zaras in the works for this day and age is  not too far fetched.  Piano and Opera Composer Complete Orchestral Score and Libretto of     Opera “LUSHA” Piano MIDI    Piano Highlights
Complete Orchestral Score and Libretto of  Opera “MORCIELA”
Xara Web Designer 6 Batrachian Music BMI     All Works Have Copyrights Visit me at Facebook Contact:                  OPERA As with all great music, the operas of Rudolf Zaras are a testament to the pinnacle and seriousness of the craft. Composed in the tradition of Verdi and Puccini, “LUSHA” and “MORCIELA” are two works that emulate the grandeur of the old masters.